Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thriller with Detective Story Twist

FBI and CDC work with local Sheriff's departments to solve crimes involved with sabotage, including bioterrorism in the novel: Green Power. After the closing of Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant, Dirk Hendrickson loses his job as head of security. He blames Dr. Ray Pendleton who had led a demonstration against the nuclear plant. When Ray sets up methane digesters on Lodi dairies, Dirk and his fellow Delta Valley militiamen do everything in their power to destroy the professor’s projects. When a deadly epidemic breaks out, Dr. Pendleton’s alternate energy source is implicated as the cause.Linda McCord, a lab tech at the hospital where the infected patients are admitted, works with the professor to help prove that his project is not the cause of the epidemic. The CDC gets involved and calls in the FBI to investigate a possible act of bioterrorism. The novel takes a dramatic turn when Ray comes down with the disease caused by the same type of methanogenic bacterium involved in his project.
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